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Our History

The Corsi Group was created in 1973 by our founder, Mr. Pat Corsi. It started small, as most cabinet companies do, and grew through the years.

In the beginning, Pat sold and built Corsi cabinets in the greater Indianapolis, Indiana area. Over the years, the Corsi brand was distributed more widely in the Midwest and up and down the East Coast. Corsi Cabinets became synonymous with high style and amazing service.

In 1976, the company moved to its current Indianapolis location on Churchman Bypass, providing 53,500 square feet of manufacturing and office space. The Corsi Cabinet brand flourished, and more and more innovations were created.

In 2000, The Corsi Group introduced a new brand to the market, Greenfield Cabinetry. Greenfield Cabinetry provides “luxury within reach,” featuring a portfolio that hits the sweet-spot of custom cabinetry needs.

Homeowners can order Greenfield cabinets in one of three unique types of cabinet construction: framed modern overlay, framed inset and full access, each yielding a different cosmetic look/feel. Greenfield cabinets are crafted from the finest materials, and are richly finished in just the color/hue the homeowners desire.

The Greenfield brand also features a myriad of creative cabinet solutions to meet every need, and a superb selection of practical and innovative storage accessories.

In 2000, Greenfield was manufactured in a new, 50,350 sq. ft. facility located in Elkins, West Virginia. And as the Greenfield brand has grown through the decades, it is now produced in both our West Virginia and Indiana plants.

In 2013, The Corsi Group acquired another building in Indianapolis, to accommodate the growing company. This facility on Churchman Avenue is now the company’s administrative + visitor center.

In 2015, The Corsi Group introduced another new and innovative brand, Siteline Cabinetry. Siteline is a fun, extremely flexible full access construction brand, with loads of great style, material and finish options for today’s semi-custom cabinet buyers. Siteline too has incredible design bandwidth – it can easily be something very modern, using materials like high gloss Acrylic, or something very organic, using materials like Structured Thermally Fused Laminate, or something more transitional/timeless, using our MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) with a painted finish.

As we say, with Siteline, you see more, and get more. Siteline too is produced in both our West Virginia and Indiana plants, servicing different parts of the country.

Today, we have over 500 authorized dealers in the U.S. who proudly design and sell our Greenfield and Siteline Cabinetry. (We do not sell direct to consumers.) Even though the original Corsi Cabinet brand is now retired, there are still many 40+ year-old Corsi kitchens in the greater Indianapolis area, standing the test of time.

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